Learning Grammar

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How’s life guys? I hope all of you good condition.. Now, I’ll share about Learning Grammar . Okay guys, don’t worry about learning grammar, beacuse learning grammar not only learn about the material or memorize the 16 tenses, but it can make a fun activity.. So,,, stay tuned on my blog!!❤

Grammar is the system of a language. People sometimes describe grammar as the “rules” of a language; but in fact no language has rules. If we use the word “rules”, we suggest that somebody created the rules first and then spoke the language, like a new game. But languages did not start like that. Languages started by people making sounds which evolved into words, phrases and sentences.

Do we need to study grammar to learn a language?

The answer is “no”. Very many people in the world speak their own, native language without having studied its grammar. Children start to speak before they even know the word “grammar”. But if you are serious about learning a foreign language, the answer is “yes, grammar can help you to learn a language more quickly and more efficiently.” It’s important to think of grammar as something that can help you, like a friend. When you understand the grammar (or system) of a language, you can understand many things yourself, without having to ask a teacher or look in a book.

And then….

In the past, students learn about grammar by memorizing the formula like remembering and memorizing 16 tenses so that their have a negative perspective about grammar. Their very hard to learn grammar because the teachers till using grammatical-approach to teach the students about grammar. So that, it’s a big problem for students.

Like, when I was Junior High School until Senior High School my teachers taught me grammar by the formula without showing with video or ask us about our experiences. So it made me more confused and not understanding about grammar and give up to learn about grammar even, I’m was afraid to speak English because I think about the formulas and the structures of grammar. But, now for me, when I met ma’am Angela, I’m more confident than before and know little bit about grammar, because She taught us by showing videos, pictures, songs and asking about our experiences first, so that she trained me to speak English without thinking of the formula. She valued each students by faithfully listening to them without stopping and at the end of the class telling me what my mistaken in speak English.

So, it makes me more confident to improve my speaking skills and my skills in English. I hope, I can become a teacher like ma’am Angela because it will helps students in learning a foreign language more active, confident and make good atmosphere (not boring) by fun avtivities.

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Learning Words! Chapter 4

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Learning words means we must learn about new words by object around us etc. Learning words it means learning about vocabulary because if we learn more about new words it can helps the children and adults talk what they want and etc. Childrens will ask what a particular word means, or how to say a word in the foreign language because it’s not easy if the children’s and adult talk in English because English as a foregin language so that their will improve their skills by memorize a new words or vocabulary. by some fun activities not only about material.

The word is the key in building up skills and knowledge.

If we have a lot of vocabularies it’s really helps us to improve our knowledge, make a relation every countries and so on because the words as a unit.

We as a teachers in the future must give fun vocabulary development by demonstartion or pictures, using an object, using a cut-out figure, using gesture, performing an action, photographs, drawings or diagrams on the board, pictures from books ( moving images, from.TV, video or computer). Those are the ways to teach childrens about learning words, not only about material. If we apply those ways, it can make a good atmosphere or fun activity when teach the young learners… Mmmm not only that, that’s ways can make their brain more active, creative so that the childrens or students will know the meaning of the words, can helps find the content, or means from the story especially can helps the childrens to talk to everyone and make a sentences.

Based on my experience, when I was kindergarteen my teacher always gave me a explanation by drawings, diagrams on the board and pictures from books, I was told to guess the picture and if my friend and I had the wrong answer the teacher would give me the answer. But, from those activity I can find or know a new words in English and memorize it. Eventhough, in the past it’s really hard to learn it, maybe cause I was a child 😁😂 but, it’s was fun. I relize, it’s really useful for me when I was Junior High School until now, so that I always find a new words and learn it to imporve my knowledge and my skills to facing the real world from various sources.

I think that’s enough for today.. Maybe all of you have experience about learning words, can share it in the comment below.. 😉🙂

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Chapter III – Learning the spoken language

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Learning the spoken langauge guiding principles

Meaning must come first : if children do not understand the spoken language, they cannot learn it.
To learn discourse skills, children need both to participate in discourse and to build up knowledge and skills for participation.

Discourse and discourse events
Discourse is contrasted with text to emphasise that it concern use of the language.
Contrast to sentence, when it refers to piece of language longer than sentence.

Meaning First
1. Children’s drive to find meaning

As children move through infancy, they begin to communicate with others about things in their share world, and develop their vocabulary of labels alongside their ability to categorise (Locke 1993).

2. Why teachers need to check that meaning is accesible

Children are importantly different in this respect because it takes some years for them to become equal participants in interaction, and to see that each participants has responsibility for making themselve understood to the other (Richard 1993; Meadows 1993; Anderson and Lynch 1988).

3. Meaning in speaking and listening

Listening can be seen as (primarily) the active use of language to access other people’s meanings, whereas speaking is the active use of language to express meanings so that other people can make sense of them.

Analysis of a task-in-action
○The setting and the task
○The task-in-action
○Language used in the task
○Use of formulaic language
○Selecting and adapting language on-line

Discourse skills development in childhood:
○Conversation and extended talk

According to Brown and Yule 1983
Conversational interaction and extended talk are the two major types of discourse that can be developed in both first and foreign languages.

The key differences between conversation and extended talk are length of turns and degree of interaction.

Development of conversational skills in childhood

○The maturation of social and cognitive understanding over the 5-12 age range has implications for foreign language use and learning. When children are asked to take part in conversations that are beyond their development, they cannot fullt partucipate and may be forced to repeat without understanding.
○As listeners, they understand other people’s talk relative to their current level of social and cognitive resources.
○Children up to age seven seem to blame themselves if they do not understand something said to them, rather tahan judging what was said to them might have been inadequate.
○Research have proved that training is only effective for older children above about eigth years of age.
○Growing up children become aware of how their and other people think, act and communicate.
○Children seem to begin to really develop their understanding of other people’s actions and minds around four years of age, it takes much of childhood to gather enough experience and use of it to construct a full awareness of how people operate socially and mentally.
○ Familiarity of content and context in foreign language use will help children as speakers and as listeners.

Developing children’s discourse repertoires

Learners of a foreign language increase their range of repertoire of discourse skills and types.


○Through interaction with an increaing range people.
○In different situations.
○With different goals and different topics.
○Moving from the familiar settings of home, family and calssroom to wider situations.
○Types of talk, includes: Narrative, Description, Instructional, Argument, Opinions, etc.

Effective support for children’s foreign :

language discourse skills .Support through motivational topics,
Support through task structure,
Suppport through language practice.

Short activities for learning the spoken language

Listening and doing

1. Listen and Identify
2. Bingo

3. Listen and take away

4. Find the odd one out

5. Listen and put

Listening and saying

1. Look and say

2. Listen and choose

3. Listen and sort

4. Tennis Game

5. Guess my animal-questions

6. Guess my animal-actions

Short activities for learning the spoken language

Focus on sounds in discourse

1. Poems and chants

2. Tongue twisters

Supporting the spoken langauge with written language

Using dialogues and discourse
The language learning opportunities of dialogues

Dialogues may offer :
○Genuine samples of spoken language
○contextualised sentence patterns that are not very like the spoken language
○written sentences that resemble what people might say
practice of sentence patterns-a grammatical drill in disguise
○scripts, rather like short theatrical plays.
Other sources of spoken disources

I wanna share my experience to all you.

I had an experience 2 years ago when I was teaching at a “Sahabat Anak.” The activities are carried out by faculty organizations. I was so happy to be a praticipant of my faculty for participating in that activity that four people could be the candidate. We were chosen to take part in the activity because at the time we were appointed to commission 4: public service.

When we got there, we did a lot of things, such as: ask for their favorite fruit, guess the names of the fruits and compose song lyrics, It’s all in English then they practice it. We split into groups. The activity is carried out by 8 faculty in different materials and ways. They are very happy and easily bored and loves to learn English.

That’s what menik and I did last week, which is using three of the methods.

It is a useful method and is ideal for students because they can exercise the ability to speak English, to be creative, to work together in groups and to make the class feel exciting and challenging.

Both of them, The things remind me if I become a Teacher, I need to be able to create a wonderful atmosphere by giving creative materials and according to the needs of schools in Indonesia.

As a Teacher we sould being a fun teacher, creative and give the motivation to all studnents or being role model to recieved their goals in the future.

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Learning language through task and activities

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According to van Geert 1995, Classroom task and activities are seen as the ‘environment’ or ‘ecosystem’ in which the growth of skills in the foreigB language takes place. The idea of ‘task’ will need to be adapted slightly from the way it is used in current ‘task-based’ approaches to language teaching. Children as mentally active learners, who will try to find a meaning and purpose for activities that are presented to them.

Task demands

It this part explain about task demands.. Task demands mean how hard and how long people will need to work to complete it. Activities should be carefully thought out and planned for a target audience. Task should also have both struture and demands.

Task support

It means support for learners production of language.

Here are types of task support :

1. Cognitive

2. Language

3. Interactional

4. Metalinguistic

5. Involvement

6. Physical

Balancing task demand and task support

When Teachers giving a task to the students, the demands and support of the task should be balanced in order to make dynamic relationship. Because opinion of Goldilocks principle’ a task that is going to help the learner learn more language is one that is demanding but not too demanding, that provides support not too much support. language learning is repeated by process of streching slightly beyond to current/limit. language learning for an individual can be seen the current limit into the ZPD or spce for growth, consilidsting new skills and then moving on to the next challenge.

Defining ‘task’ for young learner classroom

– have coherent and unity for learners from topic, activity and outcome.

– have meaning and purposed for learnes.

– have clear language goals

– have a begining and end

– involve the learners actively

Stage in a classroom task


Prepare learners to be able to complete core activities.

e.g : activities the vocabulary thay will be needed (action, name in the picture) . Help learners to understand th grammar . Learners do exercises in pair.

*Core Activities

Set up through language learning goals.

e.g : learners saying sentence about each picture in the grid

*Follow Up

Bulids on successful completion of the core activities.

E.g : the learners write the sentence they have to constructed before.

Task-as-plan and task-in-action

Task as plan

Teacher may not know whag will happen when the activity is used. Cannot be fully evaluated.

Task in action

When the task is used in a class based on what actually happend. The task for the particular class.


I wanna share about my experience when I was Junior High School and Senior High School. When I was in junior high, my teacher taught English very pleasant, so I could understand what He had explained. However, discussing a topic that my friends and I did not understand, He was happy to help us by explaining it twice We understood about the material. While my English teacher gave assignments, he was happy to accept and provide solutions to each of his students’ questions. Until one day, my compilation lacked understanding on this topic, He patiently provided an easy-to-understand understanding and gave me support, not just me but all students who needed it. Therefore, I really like English lessons and am curious about English. Ummmmm well,, what should be done by my teacher in junior high school, remind me to be ready and prepare myself become a teacher. As a teacher must be fair, provide assistance without hurting the students.
A very valuable experience compiling me high school. My English teacher asked for approval and provided help so that I would increase my help in learning English. Necessary, I prefer English and someday I should be a role model for students and will be apply those way to teach them because the key to success is from oneself and someone helping to achieve that goal. (Teacher)

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Children learning a foreign language

Hello guys. Welcome to my blog! So, today, I’ll share to you, according to material of “children learning a foreign language” in Teaching English to Young Learners class with Ma’am Angela. That material for young learners in the world. So yeaaaaa, all of you really know about what young learners need because young learners are very active, excited , curious and happy to know or learn new stuff, especially in learning English. Young learners always gave a lot of questions about the material discussed at the time to their teacher. The aim is to make the learners more understanding, improve their abilities and reach their goals. As teacher will know about what the learners need and help their students to reach their goals.So, in this blog I’ll share my experience when I was in junior high school and Senior High School using vygotsky theory.Before that, have you ever heard about vygotsky theory? Piaget and Bruner theory?

If you never heard or known, I will explain you about that.

Piaget theory is learners learning by taking action to solve a problem. They are learning by their experiences.

Vygotsky theory is students learned through interactions with adults and more capable peers. Vygotsky emphasized the importance of social interaction with people in learning process. It means the social environment is very influential on students’ cognitive development. Brunner theory is the learners are learning step by step. In this theory, teacher is as a scaffolding to help learners to develop their knowledge slowly.

Young learners very active in classroom

Group discussion

Group disscussion in clasroom

Learners learn with teacher’s guidance.

When I was Junior high school and Senior high school, I was happy because my teacher implemented vygotsky in my class. For instance, when the teacher was explain about the material me and my frineds gave a lot of questions related to the topic and then my teacher gave the assignment to do in groups and divided by teacher. Every groups consist with students who had the highest level of English and the lowest. The goal to help the students who had a high level of English can help the lowest students so they can reach the same level of English. It’s very helpful for the learners. Interections social it’s very important on learning process because the students will improve their level to highest level. In other hands, one student taught another students who was a little behind in the lesson because in addition to teachers, another students also have an important influence on their friends cognitive development. So that, when I was in junior high school and senior high school my friend who have a highest level was help the students lowest level and scaffolding in learning supported by students who are responsible for learning.In other hands, the teacher must actively accompany each child’s activity. In theoretical terms, this means children working in the proksimal development zone and teachers providing scaffolding for the child over Zone of proximal development (ZPD).


I like learning in groups with my friends because I can sharing my ideas or knowladge to my friends and asking something that I didn’t know before to my friends or my lecturer. I think vygotsky is suitable for me.If you want to know more about Vygotsky, Piaget and Bruner theory you can watch this video.

1. https://youtu.be/Jt3-PIC2nCs

2. https://youtu.be/-p_-0n2f35o

3. https://youtu.be/kQTdCjclM6o

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Movie Review! ❤

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Today, I’ll review one of the best movie on 2 years ago.. What’s that?? Are u guys really curious about that???😂😂

Okay… One week ago, I was watched the best movie the title is “Wonder” . Me and my friends watched that movie when Teaching English for Young Learners Class.

Wonder is about a 5th grader named Auggie with a facial deformity called Treacher Collins Syndrome. August Pullman is the son of the couple Nate Pullman and Isabel. Since birth, Auggie has suffered from craniofacial disease or craniofacial abnormalities that occur in the head and all organs in the head. The disorder requires him to undergo 27 times plastic surgery. But behind everything he had experienced, Auggie was a special child. He is fond of STAR WARS, likes to wear an astronaut helm because he has aspirations to become an astronaut, is smart in science lessons and has a very good handwriting.
Realizing the abilities and talents of the child, His Mom decided to stop educating Auggie from home (home-schooling).

Auggie must get an equal education like other children. Both Nate and Isabel agreed, Auggie had to see and face the outside world and find peers besides Via, her sister.
The first Auggie refused to go to school, he began to worry about how people would react when he saw his face but his outlook changed when he became friends with a male student named Jack Will. Jack himself decided to be friends with Auggie since Mr. Browne (one of the teachers in the class) teaches the value of kindness to his students. “When given the choice of being right and being kind, choose kind,” said Mr. Browne at that time.
Eventhough, around Auggie there are still many students who choose do not to be friends with him. In his new school he meets Jack Will, who are the only one who wants to be Auggie’s friend. But on Halloween day Auggie knows that Jack is not sincerely wants to be his friend. One of them even had the heart to spread the issue that anyone who touched Auggie would be struck by a plague.

Of course, for children his age, the issue was swallowed raw and Auggie had to spend days at school with bullying and insults. Getting worse, Auggie began to feel mad and blamed her parents. On the other hand, his beloved sister “Via”, slowly began to feel that his parents’ love was only focused on Auggie. Especially now that he is 15 years old needs special attention from his parents. But in the end, kindness will always find its own way to win the “fight”.


My favorite actress are his Mother and his Sister , because they are always support Auggie, everything. Isabel is the best mom for Auggie becuse she always protect and cares to Auggie especially to the future Auggie’s life. As a mother, of course it is not easy to see the condition of her child “special”. In this movie, Isabel teaches mothers to have big hearts in dealing with this condition. Always encourage and teach children to always be confident and believe that surely everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Isabel always convinced Auggie that she was a great person and had strengths that no one else had.

As a sister, Via is a good sister for Auggie because She is always cares to Auggie and don’t envy because Isabel more cares to Auggie. She portrays a wonderful, supportive sister whose parents definitely give her younger brother most of their time and attention. She says that he’s the sun and everybody else simply orbits around him. The entirety of the movie shows that to be true but she deals with it with compassion and insight.

In other hand, I really likes with Auggie teacher’s because him as a teacher always support their students, protect and as a motivation to their students. Someday, when I become a teacher I’ll wants to be the Auggie Teacher’s, as a role model, give a motivation so that my students will comfortable when a teach them.

I wanna share to you guys, about my experienced. When I was Junior High School until Senior High School some of my friends always judge me and being fake friend with me. But I don’t care because I have a lot of friends not only them. They don’t like me because I’m very active in class, organized and sociable. I thought they’re just envy with my life and can’t be like me. 😂

From the movie, we can learn about when there are weakness in us no matter what the weakness, there must be other strengths that we have. And how can we find those strengths and make us great? Yes, it is from the family that greatness can be formed with all the support provided without regard to how bad or how good we look and condition. The supports from Family it’s really important.

As humans, we should not judge others who are born deformed, disability, lacking in many flaws because they are not request to born from the rich family and to be like that. But, God created differences to complement each other because perfection belongs only to God. As humans, we should grateful with our life, whatever it happens in our life.

Omg.. I’ll recommendation that movie to all of you guys.. Because what?? Because that movie really good, inspired all people and makes the audiences to cry. It was a wonderful movie.

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1st Meeting of Teaching for Young Learners

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I’m so sorry, it’s been a while I didn’t upload in here… 😭 I have a good news!! Now, I’m 5th Semester… Oh my gosh.. I really excited and little bit afraid.. Haha..

Now, I’ll share about the 1st meeting on Teaching for Young Learners.

Okay…. Stay tune guys.. 😊😊😊😂

Before that, I’ll tell you my lecturer… Yash…This is my beloved lecturer😊❤ She was taught us about how become a good teachers when us Teaching for Young Learners. She also explained about the rps, lesson plan, our project we should to do in this semester.

My lecturer gave us the assignments releated the subject and We enjoyed with that. I’m happy have a good lecturer like her 😊

Okay .. Now, I’ll share about 1st meeting in TEYL❤

Sometimes being a teachers has difficulties, bad things, good things and so on. Although I had never taught or make a private English before but I had taught English to my neighbors although not everyday.

So, in this part I’ll explain about it or based my perspective and little bit my experience haha

When I as a teacher I can find many the difficulties to teaching english for young learners
such as: Lack of vocabularies of teacher and students, I always find the learners using their accent when speaking English, sometimes their easily get bored when learning either speaking or writing. As a teachers, I should know how to motivate students to love English because the biggest challenge is to get them learn. As a teachers when I teach them in the classroom, I should know they like appreciation or a present to increase their motivation because the teachers and parents should be involved to motivate them to learn English and so on.
In the other hands, when I become a teacher, I’ll teaching at large classes and those are many difficulties such as : Difficulties in managing and controlling students in the classroon, difficulties in delivering material to them and easly get bored. In the other hands, discipline in the classroom it’s really important to build their characteristic but sometimes students who lack of discipline at home will bring the bad things to school so that their will chat or bothering their friend while studying. The students aren’t paying attention to their teachers so they don’t understand the lesson their teacher explained.

Not only that, when teaching to young learners I’ll find the bad things and the good things, such as many students do not speak English
at home because their parents cannot speak English well. Therefore, students merely speak English at school, students are lack of discipline during teaching and learning process, for instance lack of concentration and focus on the lesson taught, being sleepy and disruptive, chatting and playing with friends when teachers give explanation, and laziness to engage with the lesson, lack of vocabularies leads some students tends to keep silent, less talking in English, or even talking in Bahasa Indonesia, some students are lack of confidence when talking in English, misspelling commonly occurs when they have to do some exercises or write some reports after conducting experiments, teachers find it difficulties creating students’ habit to use English as daily language at school, when teaching English some students has perspective that English so hard to learn and students easily bored of learning English because English is not their first language or mother tongue, sometimes the students ask about vocabularies but we don’t know, so that as teachers, have to know material and have a lot of vocabularies so as teachers we aren’t embarrassed. Haha

In the other hands, here are the good things when taught the young learners, such as :

1. I become more patient girl with children and knew each students character.

2. I got the new families and new experiences

3. It helps me to teach in the future because there are already images and experiences, and so on.

When I become a teacher, I haE many approach when teaching English for Young learners, such as :

I will familiarize them with greeting the teacher in English and then there is a greeting dialogue. The purpose is for students to become accustomed and to memorize also correct pronunciation. Then I will use English expressions for example : “Who is absent today?”, “What date is it today?” “How’s your life?” and so on. So that students get used to hearing the phrase and they respond well. Before giving material, when I become a teacher, I’ll begin with an English song in accordance with the learning theme English their studying. Then, I’ll continue the material, I will ask students, “Do you have any homework?” Repeated habits are important to helping the students using English in the real life. Before teaching English I will give an overview and purpose of the theme and points that will be learned to my students like doing a follow-up question with students about the topic so they have a description and I will start to explain the topic. However, when the student has started to feel bored in learning English, I will mix with English singing. The Songs may same with the topic or out of topic and the goal is to make the students more active and not boring. From there, it will build the relationship of teacher between students well and know about the characteristic students.

No only that when I become a teacher to young learners. I have many technique to teach them, suc as I’ll using the google maps and google trends so that can improve their abilities in English, using games, Songs, Youtube, brainstroming, discussion, role play and so on.


The technique will make the students more creative, train the students’ brains, the students will love the lessons especially English and can make good atmosphere.


I’m really excited to learn Teaching for young learners, so that can make me become a good teacher in the future.

Those are my condition class after we finished our lesson.⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

This is me and my friends. We took the pictures after finished this class.❤❤❤

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Native Speaker Day . Get to know YWAM (Youth with a Mission)

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So stay tune guys!!









Native Speaker Day

On May 10, 2019 for the second time I attended “Native Speaker Day” the theme’s Get to Know with YWAM. This is the monthly program created by the UPT (Pusat Pelayanan Bahasa) on my campus and this is the third time because this event was only formed 3 months ago.

Georgette (Canada), Luisa (Austria), Tatiana (Canada), Brownwin (Canada) .

Peter (Denmark), Hannah (Germany), Joel (USA), Axel (Sweden).

This program is the one I have been waiting for, because I really likes the language and want to practice my Speaking skills, especially in English, which is suitable with my department. I registered before this event started. But it is unfortunate that the representatives of the 2017 batch only me even though I have invited friends but they do not want to join this event. ☹️☹️ Then, I decided to attended this program and joined with other faculties.

This program is very extraordinary, because they came from various countries and are united in YWAM. They told us that they decided to join the alliance and I was surprised that they were very young. In my heart I asked why they decided to join the fellowship because today’s young people would certainly not think about it and want to have fun without building a relationship with God or giving up all their lives to praise, worship and glorify God’s name but it’s all very different from the 8 people. They sacrifice their youth for service and preach God’s help and goodness. It is not easy for them to run because there are many challenges and criticisms from outside parties but they do not break their spirit and heart. They are united to preach the good news about God throughout the world. YWAM is also present throughout the world including in Indonesia. They sacrificed their ideals and chose to join YWAM. I was very moved and it was a rebuke for myself because it was still very far from God.

Then at the program, question session was opened where we were trained to speak English and they would tell us everything.
This program is very fun and not boring.

Then the committee made a discussion group lightly and will be guided by each of them. I got a group guided by Alex and Hannah they came from Germany and Sweden. We were given 30 minutes for discussion. As an opening we introduce ourselves in English but because of our many members outside of the English Education Department and English Literature majors they had difficulty talking to Hannah and Axel then I helped them. In this session we asked about anything. I am very lucky because they are very open and friendly!😍😆😊 Not only telling about the culture of their country, but telling about the ups and downs when they got into obstacles. That moment made my heart shine and cried. They always provide support to us to remain loyal, grateful and rely on God whatever the circumstances. And then, that the atmosphere is not sad anymore because we changed the topics, which is a funny topic. They told me they had fallen while playing Ice Skating and others. Too bad, time is running very fast. 😭😭😭 It didn’t feel like this discussion session was over and we didn’t have the time to take a picture together with our group. ☹️☹️

(The last session, we took a picture together).

Then, I approached one of them named Brownwin to ask for a photo together and wanted to talked with her. However, it is very unfortunate that I cannot talked with her too long because they have to go to the hotel and get ready to go to the airport. One of the committee offered to continue at my UPT office but I refused because after this event I wanted to worship from the teacher’s faculty. Then, Brownwin gives the name of her social media account and we continue it in the application. Then I took a picture together.

I was very happy to be able to take part in the event, from the event I could develop my speaking skills and make me confident. 😍💪💪💪👊😊🤗😇😇

Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope it can be useful and motivating for those of you who are learning English.


The master key are to be brave, practice and pray always!!


See u in the next stories!!❤❤

New Experience Things

Hello good readers ,, I’m comeback !! I have not updated in wordpress for a long time. Surely, you have been waiting very long, right ?? I’m Sorry because I am so busy doing my college assignments. 😦 Okay, go ahead!

On Tuesday, May 29, 2018 (Waisak Day) I got a very valuable, invaluable experience. Do you all want to know what it is? certainly not got the money or win the lottery !! haha Thanks to my lecturer Ma’am Aci who gave semester final assignment to us, I got a valuable experience that can get new friends from West Kalimantan and provide motivation to female students to like to read news. Surely among you wondering, how come? it does not seem to matter. But for me it is very important because two weeks ago our lecturer gave Final Project that is reading something (free theme and free targets) and one class there are 5 groups and it becomes a challenge because trained to be more daring to socialize and care for others. ” POWERFUL ” our group name

( me as Novella, Deassy, Mawar, Esta and Lisha).

On May 29, 2018, our group did what our lecturer called ‘Reading Project’ in dormitory student of West Kalimantan Dara Djuanti No 18. Before, our group had difficulty getting the target for the task but failed because they were all busy with their college assignment but we never give up and we are very grateful because one of our group members managed to get the target of a dormitory friend from our group.What a happy we are !! Although only 5 people, but we are very lucky.


( This photo was taken by one of my partner after we finished our Reading Project)


( this is our targets project, they are very friendly and can helped us without asking for feedback . One of my partner took this photo when I reading the article and I’m reading this newspaper after my partner is Deassy).

( the photo was taken accidentally )

Before we start the reading project, we have a briefing first. Why should we do the briefing? Why not directly? No, because everybody wants to do something there should always be briefing, the goal is that the target understands what we will do in order to smooth the reading project such as organize the parts in the news, then practice reading the words that are difficult to pronounce. We started the briefing from 12:30 to 13:30 pm. After we finished the briefing, we started our reading project, that’s when we were very nervous, because for us this is the first time we read the news in English

( this is our video while doing the reading project, the first is the Deassy part, the second is the Novella part, the third is the Mawar part, the fourth is the Esta part and the last is the Lisha part).

At 13:40 PM we started the reading project, with an article entitled Indonesian State Universities Welcome Foreigners as Permanent Lecturers. We did the reading project only 10 minutes. Why did we choose the topic? Because we think the topic is perfect for students to open their minds, views and awaken their cares about what happened in the world even in the world, so that students can choose, sort and examine cases or information even to train students to think creatively and critical without harming others not only that students are more motivated to read especially reading the news in English because it has a very good benefit that is to hone the ability of students in English and know the developments that occur throughout the world.

We do projects of reading news alternately or part by part in one topic and source news we take from Jakarta Post.


After we finished the reading project, we say thank you, that they have taken the time and even sacrificed not to go just to help us then when we give them something like a snack they refuse it and they said : we helped you with sincerity and that’s when we salute because of the contemplation like this there are people who like them help without asking anything but we still give the snack as a token of gratitude and we take a photo together as a momentto.

After that we talked about this dormitory and got to know more about how to stay in college, what it was like to stay away from parents and how this dormitory and their response really made me cringe because they have the same goal of pursuing the ideals of this overseas . Really, I am very salute and proud to meet them because of them I got a lot of life experience is very valuable and I am grateful to get to know them, even their service to us is very good, when we get there they provide drinks for us without us asking . How friendly and good service to people who first met. They told me that those who live in this dormitory are not only Christians but Muslims too and they always hold worship and have a management structure and some work program that they will do and there is a schedule of cleanliness and cook. From there that I have never got before I got here like a sense of kinship, hard work, respect differences, solidarity, independent and others. Then, we continued to make presentation until 16:00 PM and we back to home with Transjakarta and said thank you to Esta Friends.
So, it’s not just a reading project to fulfill my semester final assignment but I get a valuable life experience and have a place from that area even since I was studying at Christian University of Indonesia.

I think this is enough, hopefully the topic of my discussion this time can be useful for all of you who read it. Hopefully, Good Luck for you who are doing the Final Exam of the Semester. See you next week with a really great topic. THANK YOU for visited and read my wordpress.^^


Hello, i’m back!!! I haven’t updated in my blog for a long time. 😥 do you miss me?? Wkwk

Okey, this time I will share about luxurious items. Do you know what is luxurious? and what your luxurious? I hope you all have luxurious ya! Including me, I have 3 luxurious that I have in my life or my future. Want to know what they are?? CHECK IT OUT!!

download (2)

I am interested with this advertisement because the model in the mobile phone is my idol Agnes Monica, so I want to have the phone.


images (2)

I often see holiday advertisements to Paris and Japan on television, internet and travel in shopping centers so that makes me want to vacation both countries.

images (3)

-I often see luxury home ads on tv, internet and sales promoting the house so I want to build a home like that for my parents.



3 Luxury things I want to have :

● Handphone Vivo V5 will be collected by me on this year or next year.


Why I choose Handphone Vivo 5? Because, Vivo V5 have a good spec and my phone is damaged so I can’t do the task given by lecturer well and I can’t gotten information from the class group about the task and others. How do I get that?? I set aside pocket money given by my parents and not bought anything or extravagant so that what I want can be realized and it’s very important because can help my daily life and changed my life better than before.

● Vacation to Paris and Japan will be come true by me, my parents and my sisters.
Why I choose this? Because I really want to go there by my parents and my sisters. I’ll try the typical food of the two countries, loves the culture, because the country is so beautiful and that is my dream when I was child and I want make my parents and my sisters happy. How to get this? I save my pocket money and work hard. Its very important in my life because I can realize one of my dreams and make others happy because if we are happy then life is more colorful, beautiful and eager to live life.
● I will build a new house for my parents.

images (1)

Why do I choose that? because to get a decent life for my parents. How do I get it? study diligently, always try, try, have a dot, spirit, hard work to raise as much money as possible and thrifty.

Why I think those luxurious things are important in my life??

Because, in order for my parents’ old age to be assured and they enjoy their comfortably old life like staying at home and equipped with all the facilities and needs without having to work and it has become the most important part for me, making them happy, caring and caring as they keep, educate and obey all my needs or desires.


  • I think it’s enough for today and I hope all of you can be realized your luxurious!! And thank you very much for seen my wordpress and read my topic on this week and see you on the next my update. ♡♡